Hi! I'm Némesis Castillo, and I'm a creative in many ways. I'm an illustrator, fine artist, animator, graphic designer and myth lover living in Almería, Spain.
I specialize in detailed, realistic artwork either in black and white or in rich, dreamy colour palettes; but I love to experiment with all sorts of styles and mediums. I draw inspiration from nature, mythology and folklore, symbolism, classic art, literature and the human psyche.
I'm a Sevillian who was born and raised in Luxembourg, and I've lived in four different countries to this day. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be either a cat, an artist or an archaeologist, and I've spent most of my time drawing since I was three years old. I became serious about art while studying at the Fine Arts University of Seville, and discovered a passion for illustration and took my first steps in CGI and animation while studying at ECV in Bordeaux.
I've kept widening my knowledge spectrum since then and co-owned an apparel brand called SIAMESE apparel which grew fans worldwide; while doing commissions for some amazing clients. At the moment, my focus and passion is to learn everything about 2D frame by frame animation and motion design.
As for my other passions, I'm a horror fan, a game lover and a book hoarder (Loving the first The Wickerman, Limbo and Pedro Páramo at the moment, respectively). I read about psychology whenever I get the chance, try to roller skate, and I'm becoming a bit of a productivity nerd. I'm the kind of person who does actually want to see all your cat pictures and  who does want to know everything about that surreal dream you had last night.
Do have a wander around my portfolio and drop a message to say hi!
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