Hi! I'm Némesis Castillo. I'm an illustrator and myth lover living in Cardiff, Wales. I specialize in detailed engraving-like linework with added colour. My artwork usually involves creatures and scenes inspired by mythology and folklore, and I love digging into research material to give a backstory and deeper feelings to my illustrations.
Did you want to know some more?
Okay. I'm a nostalgic Sevillian who was actually born and raised in Luxembourg. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a cat, a painter or an archaeologist, and spent most of my time drawing or filling my pockets with interesting rocks. I studied Fine Arts in the University of Seville, and studied illustration and CGI in Bordeaux. I've lived in four different countries. I'm a horror fan and a book hoarder (Loving the first The Wickerman and Pedro Páramo at the moment). I'm the kind of person who does actually want to know everything about your cat and that weird dream you had last night.
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